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Don Fischer wrote:

 I seem's like a lot of people that buy commercial ammo have accuracy problems with premium bullet's. Then so do some handloaders but often they fool with the load and find one they can live with. It also seem's to me that when someone does have a problem with premiun ammo, they try out some inexpensive factory load that works well for them. Is it me or does anyone else see that too?

I've seen it a lot, and hear of it a lot.  I agree.  That's why I've never really bought into all that exotic ammo or exotic components and just stick with handloading what has always worked for me on big game - Speer Boat Tail SP and Speer Grand Slams. Both are realy just basic standard soft points with the Grand Slam being tougher constructed than BT.  The BT expands exceptionally well on lighter game like deer and pronghorn, while the GS expands well on larger game like bull elk.  Both are plenty accurate for me out of my go-to hunting rifle. I had wanted to stick with one bullet for everything, and had decided on the GS for a few seasons, but found that the GS just didn't seem to expand at all on pronghorn.  Can't say for sure because I never recovered a GS from a pronghorn, but the entry wound, wound channel, and exit wound was definitly about the same diameter as the GS caliber size, though they did harvest the game very clean.  Haven't recovered too many of the BT bullets either, but the wound channels and exit wounds seemed more impressive with those on lighter game.

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I am a Hornady user for a lot of years. But in the early 70's I did use some Speer Hot Cores and they were one really fine bullet. For hunting if I wasn't going to buy Hornady's, I'd get Speer Hot Cores. I think a case could be made for it being the first premium bullet and the only one at a reasonable price. Those cores and jacket's did not seperaate! They didn't even come loose.

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I have tried the Accubond in 2 different cal.  Neither one shot worth a darn with several different powder and primer combos.  Maybe my arms but they shoot Berger VLD and Hornady inter-locks & V-max just fine.

I still have part of a box of .30 180gr Accubonds laying about if someone wants to try a hand full of em.

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