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Well, she's moose tag soup for us, boy's.

Hi All,
Just got back from the N. Called in some moose, pretty much had to shoo the deer away to open the trailer door, but just didn't get an opportunity for a shot at a moose.(or at least a shot that we would take) Saw lot's of grouse, and some snowshoe hare, which was pretty cool.
Weather turned on us and it became cold hard winter overnight, snowing every day, all day. Soon as that happened, it was like you flipped a switch and the rut was over. Even the deer dissapeared into the high thick stuff. All we saw after that was coyotes.
Mid week we found out Son had leave for the thanksgiving weekend, so fri we drove 5 hrs S, picked up Son, back N so we could spend the weekend together hunting. We left mon., hunted our way down, and got him back on base early evening. No moosemeat this year, but we know Exactly where we're camping next fall, same time.
Here's a couple pics

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Picture 118.jpg
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Re: Well, she's moose tag soup for us, boy's.

Hey now!!! Probably about 10 yrs.ago myself and 3-4 buddies would drag a camper back in the bush for the annul moose hunt sum yrs we eat moose sum yrs we had tag soup, now I cant remember wether the moose was tender or tuff I can still remember the fun we had the laughs and conradery the beers at night. A moose was just a bonus. lol

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Well, she's moose tag soup for us, boy's.

Too bad about the results, but if you marinade it with memories and ample portions of Crown Royal or Capt Morgan tag soup can taste pretty good too.

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Well, she's moose tag soup for us, boy's.

Oh, don't get me wrong, it was a Great trip, with the bonus of son hunting with us for the weekend.
We saw lot's of animals, just wasn't our turn, never took a shot.
Only bad part is we're out of last yr's moose and now we have to add some beef in our diet. Never thought I'd say that, but after eating moose for a yr, beef just doesn't taste that good.

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