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wooduckman1 wrote:

This has got to be, hands down, one of the best threads I've read on any forum!



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Well striker I did whatyou said...

I got in a tree.  Spent a day and a half climin up there and building a platform for my new chair (the lawn chair from Amazon.com.  Now I have spent more time in a tree this past 4 days than any monkey at the zoo and I half to show for it is a sunburn (i cut back the brush with a polesaw and funnelled him right toward the catnip.  I think he stopped by on the third night as I heard something near the banana filled catnip toys.  Sounded like he might have been battin them around for a spell ...testin em out...but I couldn't find my night vision and I didn't want to spook him off.  SO I sat there and listened.  I took me a 2 liter to pee in and used it so i could stay in the tree.  just shy of 24 hours straight.  Now all the limbs I cut left me exposed to the sun from 8 am to 11 and I had nothin on but a v neck (i am very hot natured) and as luck would have it I dosed off the next morning from being up all night.  I got a hell of a sunburn.  I am going back out in a few days.  But i think the catnip was a go.  I'll up date this with a few more points later in the week.

 Hawkeye i am in central arkansas

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