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weldon valley

in colorado anyone hunted ducks there before???

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weldon valley

Yup did it for many years. Duck hunting here in Colorado is only worthwhile in southern/centeral Colorado. The front range is a joke, in my opinion. I go out of state anymore for ducks.

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weldon valley

Not sure how i missed this, but have hunted Weldon Valley many times. Always seems to be some ducks thee no matter when I have been. I have had some great days there before. you will also get some geese in there from time to time as well. Good dove hunting too.

FYI... word to the wise ...Get there early and set up in a good spot as the boys sure like to get there early! This year there has been some teal there everytime I was out dove hunting, along with some gadwalls and shovelers./spoonbills.

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