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Weathery Vanguard Series 2 Rifles

My step-son and I just spent last weekend looking at possible new rifles for him and he keeps coming back to the Weatherby Vanguard Series 2. Do any of you have any expeirence with this rifle and how do you like it? I know they guarantee sub MOA at 100 yards and that, along with a great price, is a big selling point to him.

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Weatherby Vanguard

I haven't shot a Series 2, but 3 or 4 years ago I bought a regular Vanguard in .300 Weatherby, and it is one of my favorite rifles.

I like to tinker with my rifles, so I restocked my Vanguard in Fancy Claro Walnut which I checkered with my favorite pattern. I also glass bedded the barrel channel and action, floated the barrel, installed a Limbsaver pad and put a mechanical recoil reducer in the stock, polished the trigger sear and set the trigger to a crisp 2 1/2#, had a KDF muzzle brake installed, and topped it with a 4-12x40 Leupold.

Felt recoil is about the same as my .270 Win. It's a tad on the loud side, but anything burning 80-85 grs of powder is going to be loud with or without the muzzle brake. I always wear hearing protection, even when hunting.

My Vanguard shoots 168 and 180 gr TSX bullets moa, and 168 gr TTSX bullets and 150 gr Hornady FMJ bullets 1/2 moa. The FMJ bullets are great for small critters that I don't want to put a big hole in their hides.

Sighted in 2" high at 100 yds, it gives me a 255 yd zero and a 300 yd point blank range.

I've only used it on 3 hunts, 3 Exotics in West Texas, a Montana bull elk, and 6 South African plains game, but it's 10 for 10 on one shot kills.

My only regret with this rifle/caliber is that I didn't buy it 30 years ago.

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The first Vanguards I ever

The first Vanguards I ever saw were about 1984-85. they had a wood stock then and were a beautiful rifle. I don't care for plastic stocks so if I were to ever get one the stock would have to go. 

I do wonder about the minute of angle claims different rifle companies clain. I understand the test it before they stoch it. The barreled action supported in a vice? But even if they tested it after it was completed, how do you guarentee a minute of angle with a three minutge of angle shooter? 

One of the things I liked about that Vanguard was the way it felt in my hands. I think it's Howa that makes them so I might be inclined to get that rather than the one that say's Weatherby now.

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