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Weatherby Vanguard 2 or Browning X-Bolt ?

Okay, I already asked a question about the Vanguard, but I just recived a catalog form Browning that finally came ( took about 3 months ) and the X-bolt looks like a very nice rifle. But, the vanguard S2 Synthetic model is cheaper and is garunteed Sub MOA. As far as I know, The X-Bolt is not.

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Good Choices

Both are good rifles from all reports I've seen or talked with folks about.

Personally I have not shot either rifle but I know folks that own both rifles and they are happy with their choice. If it were me I'd opt for the Browning. The reason being that Browning is a subsidiary of FNH. FNH in Belgium makes very high quality firearms but tends to specialize in the LEO/MIL market. The quality control I have found carries over to their civilian line as well in my expirience.

I was looking at a Browning 300WSM Target Rifle until I finally went with a Remington 700P in .300 Win Mag over the short mag. Two friends have Weatherby's and are very happy with them. Three others have Browning, and like the Weatherby shooters, are equally happy. One uses his Weatherby Action in a custom long range rig.

I really don't think you can go wrong with either choice. You will have to select what features are more important to you between the two rifles. I don't put a lot of stock in the 1" guarantee but it does help to assure one that the rifle will be accurate out of the box with factory ammunition it likes. I have found that most rifles are more accurate than the shooter out of the box.

For me the trick is finding what bullet and powder combination the rifle shoots well. My Winchesters give me sub MOA with the right bullet and powder combinations. It then becomes a question of if I want to use that bullet for what I'm doing? Bear in mind I don't really want anything to be less than 0.75 MOA and prefer even less than that.


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