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Weatherby .300 magnum compared to .308

I shoot 150 grain ballistic tip from my Weatherby .300 magnum and the muzzle velocity is around 3350 fps.  It is a brutal round and hits like a freight train.  It will kill anything with fur on it, no doubt.  I've taken big mulies, white tail, about a 300 pound feral hog, axis, black buck, Aoudad, coyote, etc.  To take a bear or elk, I would definitely go up to 185 grain and shoot it in, even though it probably shouldn't be too far off at a 100 yards or so.  I have a Nightforce scope on it and it is just a nail driver.  The gun and scope are way more accurate than I.  The first cold-bore shot is always dead-on.  Like within a dime at 100.  Comparing it to a .308 is like a 1000 feet per second GAMO pellet gun compared to a Red ryder bb gun.  Of course, it all depends on if you load your own hot rounds too or whatever.  It is actually a model 700 Remington, chambered in .300 Weatherby.  I'm thinking of getting a .308 semi-auto, as that is a great hog gun.  The Weatherby is just a cannon.  I also have a .338 magnum AR-30 from Armalite.  I usually shoot 250 or 300 grain, but lately have been shooting 285 grain match rounds.  I just vaporize I-beams at 200 yards for fun and use manhole covers for backdrops to stop the rounds after they go through the 1/2" I-beam.  Now, that is a weapon.  Bought it for long range Mulie hunts in far Southwest Texas, near Big Bend.  


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