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Weather reports in the field

Hi guys

I am going up next week and will not have net access or cable. With the variable weather going on right now, was wondering if anyone has a good phone/recording weather forecast resource. When I scouted the area this summer, had decent cell coverage. Found the NOAA number, it's OK, kind of vague, and busy. Thanks for any ideas.

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If you have a smartphone you

If you have a smartphone you can download a weather app--there are several and most are free to download and use.  The one I use is WeatherBug.  

I don't have a suggested number to call for a weather report as I haven't used this type of service for many, many moons.  A quick search on Google popped up this link, it may be the NOAA number..don't know.


Good luck!

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I carry a two way Radio with me, and it has the NOAA weather on it, it gives me the up to date forecast.


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We had the same issues years

We had the same issues years ago.  we ended up nuying the Motorola radios with the NOAA weather button.  I also did find the same weather alerts on the FM dial from a small transitter radio.

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