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Weather as a factor

Good article on the role that weather plays in a deer hunt.




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While it is interesting it

While it is interesting it does not really say too much about the harvest and what most guys prefer. Like most I like about 6 inches of snow just before the season opens to start moving things around. Ehere I do most of my hunting the elk will be there in greater numbers about 2 days after a snow like that. If the snow melts they will be gone again till more brings them back down.

For deer I love it if there is already some snow on the ground and then another storm on the way when I am planning to hunt. The deer are always more active for most of the day when they can feel a strong storm moving in. Apparently the barometric pressure change gets them moving good.

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Here in Michigan, we usually

Here in Michigan, we usually consider that warm weather will have a negative effect on deer hunting. Anything above about 45-50, and the deer don't seem to move very much. Since the hunters are comfortable, they will sit tight, and the deer will too. By afternoon, half of the hunters are asleep with their backs against a tree.

Rain will also keep the harvest numbers down because it keeps a lot of hunters out of the woods. If guys wake up and it's raining, they'll usually go back to sleep, and then sit around a play cards as long as it keeps raining.

 Interestingly enough, very cold weather doesn't seem to be a bad thing. People will sit for a while, then start moving around to get warm, and that will push the deer to other hunters.

Stormy weather (rain or snow) with a wind of more than about 10 miles per hour will shut things down in the woods, with the deer hunkered down in the cedar or pine thickets (this is a good thing if you know where they are Yes ).

 Yeah - I would agree that weather plays an important role in how good the hunting is. As this article said, it also will have a lot to do with how well the deer heard comes through the winter.


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It was a pretty good article.

It was a pretty good article. There are a few conditions I won't hunt in. I will not hunt if it's below zero and windy. I won't hunt in a hard driving rain. I don't like hunting in the heat, but I will do it every now and then.

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