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Weather around Yampa CO.?

Hey all I know its been dry in CO. has it changed latley?  Whats the grass like in the mountians ? I know last year real wet green everywhere water everywhere Elk were real scatered . Also anyone ever bow hunt unit 35 never hear much about it ?




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Pretty dry

The last few weeks we've had some good thunderstorms statewide, which have helped, and weren't dry lightning like back in June.  I'm not sure about Yampa specifically, but look at this graphic, it shows we're still way below average on our reservoir storage and summer's only halfway over:


And for a better breakdown by area, check out this chart:


It was published at the end of June, the next one should be out next week.

I'm guessing you want either the Upper Colorado Basin or (you said 35, but Yampa is more like 25),  but Stagecoach and Yamcolo Reservoirs are listed too.  Looks like Yamcolo is really low though.

Anyway, point is, it's still pretty dry.


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We bow hunt the flattops

We bow hunt the flattops every year above Yampa 231,24,,26,25 just curious about 35.  And big thanks for the links!!



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There are elk in 35 but the

There are elk in 35 but the problem is that you need to deal with the private property.

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Not sure about your area, but

Not sure about your area, but in my area it's as green as i've ever seen it, and rain everyday. No water shortage for the critters.

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