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WDFW season regs

I'm new to hunting in Washington and find the one weapon/ one area tag a little hard to deal with. Could someone explain to me what I get when I buy an elk OR deer tag? In my case, I'd like to hunt with my muzzeloader in a certain GMU for elk. blacktail hunting occurs in a nearby GMU but not in the one I want for elk. do I get to pick a second GMU for the deer or do I need a elk AND deer license?


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WDFW season regs

You need a tag for deer and for elk.
One weapon for elk and you must pick a side, east or west.
One weapon for deer any open gmu statewide.

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Just make sure you read the whole pamphlet before you do any hunting. Being from LA and TX the rules here are a lot stricter. Also, if you have any questions the wdfw will answer most of them for you.

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