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water holes in Oct.

I am going to N-E WY Oct.10 for 7 days diy speed goat hunt with bow will the animals still be hitting the water every day !!

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water holes in Oct.

Probably, but it depends on whether or not Mother Nature gives them any new water holes. If so, they likely won't risk the man made ones with big blocky shapes on the sides that spit the sharp pointy things that killed mommy, daddy, brother, granddad, and uncle Pete.

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water holes in Oct.

They will be but it isnt likely to be during shooting hours by that time. Only thing you can do is check for tracks at water you come to INCLUDING stock tanks.
Generally by Oct there has been several snows that melted and they dont need to come into stock damns and tanks like they might have during the hotter months.
In general they can do surprisingly well just off dew as they forage.

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