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washington black bear guns

I usually hunt big game with a .338 win. and .444 marlin. But, i no longer have these... the only thing i have left is a 7mm and 8 mm mauser. Are these sufficient enough with factory loads for western washington black bear?

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washington black bear guns

in all reality you should be fine as long as you have good shot placement, and depending on your distance. I would probably use the federal trophy bonded bear claw ammo for the 7mm. Ive been using my 300 win mag with no problems. I just bought a 325wsm, havent had the opportunity to try it out on a bear yet but it should do well enough. Just remember to be sure of shot placement. just my 2 cents

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washington black bear guns

Either one will work just fine.
Of the two. I'd probably go with the 8mm mauser.
Very nice round.

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