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Washington 05 Deer and elk sucess

LOL thanks for the Comment elk O holic..........I think I know you from some where?? LOL welp you should bring your boy over to do some bird hunting next month....I geuss you could go if you wanted to...LOL JK welp ttyl

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Great deer

I shot my first buck ever on the very top of dunn mt. It's been a while since I've been back that way. Best friend has a bunch of relatives in Chewelaha. Sure miss it up there. I'll bet the next state record whitetail comes out of stevens county. Sure hope to draw a moose tag over there!! Nice deer guys!! CD

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Washington 05 Deer and elk sucess

here's ours...we went 4 for 4 in the southeast
no mulies though.
sorry about the crappy pic...it's the best i got here at work.
right to left..
my 4x4, my father in law's 5x3 double eyeguard on one side, my buddy's basket rack 5x4 and another buddies 4x4

05 DEER.jpg
05 DEER.jpg60.08 KB

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