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was glassing tonight

went out tonight right after work , i got to the same genral area that iv been scouting at about 4 pm met my buddy up there so we started glassing after about 30 mins he had to go  but right before he did he said look right there , its 2 does about 800 yrds out i found them and yep they were about 800 yrds out but i could tell that one was huge the other was not as big bu desent . so we watched them for about 10 mins and he had to go so i desided to try to make a stalk on them with the last 30 mins of day light left, i thought what the heck first time iv seen deer out here at this spot. so i close the distance to about 350 yrds and i lost them in the canyon i watched them wonder on down the mountain side in the gully and the light was almost gone , but hey it was super exsiting and it was and asome exsperiance , i needed to get to about 40 yrds to take a clean shot but u know what it was a great time .

o yea seen about 40 turkey all on private land ........


can we call in turkey in the fall ?

i heard that only works in the spring


o yea by the way i only have an AO tag so  in a way it was a waste of time but but its the exsperience that counts


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Congratulations on getting

Congratulations on getting into some game! It's always an exciting experience even if the season is not even open.

You may have mentioned it before but what state are you in and what are you hunting with?

Good luck on your future hunts and keep after them till you get one.

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i live in southeren

i live in southeren california and i hunt with a bow ( fred bear compoud). man these muleys are sneaky . there difficult to find and im sure its gonna be harder to get in range but im all for it.

iv bassically lived in the out skirts of sandiego in a desent sized town called escondido with about 350,000 people in it so i and didnt grown up hunting , im 24 , all my family out here didnt grow up in the woods so im starting from scratch. i have some family that live in michagain, iv been hinting out there a cuple times but white tail deer are way different .u sit in a blind or a tree stand next to some game trails and wak there u go . out here its walk spot and walk and spot hopfully find some deer at about 1000 yrds away and try to cut them off hahaha , its tough man

but its a great time id rather be in the mountains than at work any day


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Hey Brando, didn't realize

Hey Brando, didn't realize you were in Escondido!  Me too!  Northwest side off of Woodland Parkway.  You?

Maybe we should hook up for a hunt some time.  I will only be hitting it with a bow maybe one more time, and then it's turkey season in 4 short months.  Let me know if you need any help with anything.

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