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Wanted: Mule deer hunt

I am an apple farmer form Washington state. I also spend a little time guiding mule deer and bear hunts each fall. I am a mule deer addict! or so my wife says. I am looking for help getting started in another state (ID, MT, WY) in my quest for trophy muleys. I would be interested in a HUNT SWAP if someone out there wanted to come to WA. Washington is absolutly underrated for most big game annimals (and thats fine with me). We have awesome mule deer, good whitetail, bear and waterfowl as well as great salmon/steelhead river fishing! I live right on the Columbia river in N. central WA. If anyone doesn't believe me about game quality email me and I'll send you some photos. I appreciate the help guys! huntokanogan@yahoo.com

*I would like to hunt with rifle or muzzleloader*

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I can attest that Washington state has some AWESOME mule deer!

I just don't have anything in NY that is worth swapping for another Washington State hunt.

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Can't swap a hunt, but I do

Can't swap a hunt, but I do have some great area in Montana for Mule deer, check out my website and let me know if I can help you.