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Wanted: Ammo Trade for .40 Cal

I have the following 30-06 ammo that I would like to trade someone for .40 ammo.

18 rds Federal Vital Shok 180 grain Barnes Triple Shok Bullets
2700 fps muzzle
($43.99 for 20 retail or $2.20 a round) x 18 = $39.60

14 rds of handloaded 125 grain
4320 fps muzzle (good for the pesky coyotes according to my buddy on border patrol that made them) $1.50 a round x 14 = $21

14 rds of Winchester 165 grain pointed soft points
2800 fps muzzle
($35 for 20 retail or $1.75 a round) x 14 = $24.50

27 rds of Winchester Balistic Silver tips 168 grain
2790 fps muzzle
($47.90 for 20 retail or $2.40 a round) x 27 = $64.80

Total value = $149.90

I am not trying to hose anyone and I think a trade of .40 or straight cash in that ball park would be fair. I just sold my Winchester Model 70 and bought a Springfield Armory .40 XD and I need to put it through its' paces.

I am in Durango but may be traveling to Grand Junction are in a week or so. Please email me if you are interested and have an offer:

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