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Want to know about the company before joining!!!

Hi all,
Does any one know any site from where I can get the information about the employer of a particular company? Where I can know about the working culture of a particular company? And what will be the future aspects? If you people know any site so, let me know. Any help from you people will be precious for me.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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Want to know about the company before joining!!!

i usually check the better business bureau (http://www.bbb.org) just to check how they treat their customers and then usually would check google. I cant really help you more than that. good luck.

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Want to know about the company before joining!!!

dun & bradstreet

They won't give you the "atmosphere" of the work place but you can get a pretty good financial picture of the company.
You might also check with the Dept of Professional Business Regulation (or similar agency) in your state. They can provide any complaints against the company but only if they are licensed thru them.
If the company is "publicly held" ( stock) then there are several places that you can check on any future prospects and outlooks for that company, just type their NYSE symbol in the search bar of almost any stock brokerage firm.
Other than that most business prospects are confidential unless released to the public by that company in order to gain financial backing.

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Want to know about the company before joining!!!

Yes my precious we wants it we does...

Gollum is that you?

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Want to know about the company before joining!!!

Really the only way to find out is to work for them for a while. This is the stuff that you find out after the fact. I've found that talking to current or former employees helps a bit. But, there are many different prespectives from different employees, current or former. If it's a large company then it usually has many different departments and even within the same company, each department could seem like night and day compared to the other departments. Also not everyone works for the same boss either, even within small companies.

Consider asking for a tour of the company prior to applying for a job. How does the CEO or the person at the top behave towards his employees? Is he/she too much above them to even greet them? Does he/she avoid them? Or, do they actually seem happy to see and greet their employees when they see them? Look at the employees body language, their face expressions on the job, feel the vibe. Do the employees seem driven and have the get-it-done attitude? Is there and aire of professionalism and success among most of the employees and the leadership? Find out what the employee turn-over is like. Do a lot of people go off to different jobs within the company or do they flat out leave the company?? Do employees stay around and work their way up through the ranks? If they do, then that really says a lot about this company and that it has something to offer. What percent of current employees have been there more than 10 years? This is usually a great indicator of how happy employees are and how great the company is.

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