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Want information to Bowhunt Area 34 in New Mexico

My group recently got drawn for area 34. I used to muzzleload hunt about 8-10 miles East of Timberon but haven't been there in years. I want to hunt North of Timberon and was wondering if anyone can suggest a perticular area? The last time I hunted New Mexico a game warden came into our camp with 3 great bucks from one camp farther North. The hunters hadn't tagged them as the warden arrived and he confiscated all three of them. Bummer. All he would tell us was that it was about 10 miles north of Timberon. He said it was better hunting farther North that time of year. We always killed nice bucks where we hunted but its not really a good area for bow hunting. Any information would be greatly appricated....Thanks, and good hunting....Unc'l Joe

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NM Unit 34

Uncle Joe,
I bow hunt unit 34. Send me an email and I'll answer any questions that I can. First of all get a Lincoln National forest map and join an online map company like MapCard. Without these maps I can't be much help. shwnhndly@yahoo.com

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