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Want to go elk hunting before I deploy

I have been wanting to go on a good elk hunt for a while now and I recently found out that I will be deploying to Afghanistan next May . That being the case I would really like to go on one this year. So I got two questions, first is it even possible to still go this year (I've never been before so I dont know if you have to apply for tags or what) and second where are some good outfitters to go? I understand you cant go for free but the price would have to be fairly low. It would probably be four of us going, two hunters and two cameramen. Any help, tips, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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It could still be possible,

It could still be possible, but you are definitely cutting it tight.  

What state are you currently stationed in?  Are you a resident of that state?  Do you have a hunter's safety card?  Lots of different rules for different states, and your military status can create exceptions, so we need more basic info.  

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Im in the national guard and

Im in the national guard and Im from Missouri. I do have hunter's safety, in fact I teach the course. I hunt everything you can here I just never have been elk hunting, or big game in general, and really want to go. My brother went several years ago and I remember he had to make arrangements like a year or so before he went. I just wanted to wanted to know what I need to do to make something work if anything?

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2nd or 3rd season

We have two seasons that offer you a lot of flexibility if you're almost packed.  2nd rifle season starts saturday and 3rd rifle season starts November 3.

Both of those offer an over the counter bull tag, with no draw required and the license is good in most of the units in the western half of the state.

The other option is picking up a limited leftover license for 4th season, which is a 4 day instead of 9 day season like the others I just mentioned, but it has been pretty well picked over at this point, especially for the either sex licenses.

I don't know much about outfitters, but if you have a couple extra thousand, you may want to consider it.  Otherwise, if you're prepared to camp, I'd forget about them and just get a 3rd season bull license for a unit with a lot of public land (and is a valid unit for that license), pack the truck up and go hunt.


And review the laws and regulations(http://www.flipseekpubs.com/publication/?i=96188), and give the hunt planners in Colorado a call:


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