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Walmart to record gun sales.

Good grief Hammer. Don't confuse the issue by being reasonable! Thumbs up

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Walmart to record gun sales.

Don't get me wrong -- I'm done buying guns from Wal Mart, and it's just one more reason for me to steer my business away from them. They pretty much lost me awhile back when they started putting out the cheapest Chinese junk they could find. I usually go elsewhere where I'll spend a little more to get quality. Wal Mart doesn't have much an outdoorsman in Alaska can use.

But I hate to see a business, particularly one as big as Wal Mart, thinking it can get favorable press coverage by appeasing antis. It amazes me that people smart enough to run a business that large can be so naiive as to think that doing this sort of thing will do anything but put blood in the water for them.

This is an awful lot like what Smith & Wesson pulled a few years back when they tried to make the antis happy. The difference is that I don't think Wal Mart cares if it loses sportsmen's business.

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Walmart to record gun sales.

I personally don't understand what the stinks is.
buy your guns from your local dealer.

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