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walk like a deer


I am hunting a certain deer in a very thick part of the woods.  I have one way in and he always seems to be on that way in the morning and I jump him on the way in.  does anybody have any tricks for not alarming deer on the way to your stand?  A guy today told me he hits the grunt call on the way to the stand.  I do have a red light flashlight that I try to hold low.  otherwise complete darkness. thanks!

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Spend the night in the stand

Spend the night in the stand if he is worth it. 

We used to do that with elk when we would spook them as we hiked into our hunting area in the dark in the morning.  We would take a small waterproof tarp and wool blankets if it was warm enough to not need a sleeping bag and then cold camp it for the night.  No fire, no cooking.  Breakfast was usually a cold sandwitch with perhaps some luke warm coffee. 

One year doing this we ended up in the middle of the herd when daylight came around and we all had our elk even before the sun came up. 

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