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Thank you, Thats the way we

Thank you, Thats the way we have always done it but I wasn't sure after reading that through.

Just a little confusing with everything I've had going on lately. Back to business as usual then.

Thank you again.

Thankfully we drew this one as there is not a lot of public land in 30. We would have gotten by but this will help a lot.

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Right On!

Topgun 30-06 wrote:
Hunter25---What that means is that you can only apply for one HMA with that buck license. If you draw that HMA you are diqualified from hunting any others, but you can fill all the legal licenses you have for that unit in that HMA. Therefore, if you have a buck license and more than one doe license for that unit you can use them all in that HMA. What they're doing is keeping you from applying and drawing a bunch of HMAs, which would shut other hunters out of a place to go.

Topgun is right. Thumbs up

I called WY today to clarify it and I can take all my speedgoats in that one HMA if I get so lucky.

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Antelope bullets

I'll sound like a broken record here and repeat that the best antelope bullet is the most accurate one on your rifle.

Since about 1975, I've drawn an antelope tag almost every year in eastern Montana. For the past 30 or so years, my favorite antelope rifle has been my .257 Ackley. Antelope are thin skinned, and they are not hard to kill if you put your bullet into their heart/lungs.

For several years I hunted with Hornady 120 gr HPBT bullets and they worked fine. For some reason I switched to Sierra GameKing 117 gr bullets, and I've probably shot the most antelope, deer (both mule and whitetail), and all of my mountain sheep with that bullet.

About 3 years ago I switched to Nosler 115 gr Ballistic Tip bullets. They have also worked very well, and that's the bullet that I will be hunting antelope with this year. Big smile

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Haven't had much luck with the 115/117 Grain bullets and various powders.

I'll try the 117 Grain bullets with one more powder and then I'll throw in the towel on that bullet if nothing proves promising and try the 100 Grain bullets.

According to mathematical calculations, given my chamber and throat, as well as the twist rate of my barrel, I will be better served by a 100 Grain bullet. It seems I need to be pushing 2800-2900 fps to stabilize the heavier bullet but only need to make 2300 fps or so to stabilize the lighter round.

I'll be heading to the range in the morning and again on Tuesday to see what develops. I'll find an accurate load yet. Big smile

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