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WA Rifle Success?

6,000 ft is high country hunting, compared to where most hunters hunt. I saw 1 other hunter where we were, but saw a lot down low in the low lands. We had to ride motorcycles then hike in a long ways, no driving trucks for us, where you hunt you may have been able to access the higher elevation with a truck, not sure though but sounded like you shot it on a road. You see any mulies up there, seems like the area (high elevation) suits mule deer more than whitetailed deer.
Every year we shoot deer on the south facing slopes, the north facing slopes are heavily timbered, south facing slopes hold pockets of timber, but are fairly open with shale rock. I hunt south of Mount Stuart on the county line trail between Chelan county and kittitas county.

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WA Rifle Success?

I agree, over 5000' is high country. The deer we hunt in the Entiat and East of your Mt stuart hunt are commonly found on South facing slopes in the am, first light, but bail into the cover of the north facing slopes. But I didn't get a buck this fall and you did, I better listen to you. Good job on the deer. Besides, there isn't much North slope to Stuart to hunt, except for the glacier... that whole range area is south facing isn't it?

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WA Rifle Success?

Yea your right Wazzu....I would say more often then not you will be looking at mule deer then a white-tail at that elevation.....We do have mulies...definately not as many as you do but they are here. They have some thick stuff to hide in up here....no open faces here...ALL TIMBER.....you get high enough were trees dont grow....then it's not too bad...raies havoc on your lungs though...I will post a pic of a buddies archery deer from this year....was taken at almost 8000 feet...