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WA. Rifle Elk Success

Alright, Lets here about some successfull rifle elk hunts in WA. Here is a picture of my neighbors bull from opening weekend in Western WA. I'm bow hunting this year, but tagged along on the trip to help spot for him and of course pack out what ever he shot. He shot this bull on Saturday of opening weekend about 11:00am. in the middle of a monsoon, just outside the Vader area. We were about 7 miles back off the main road in a gated area, watching our favorite elk clearcut, a cut that has produced decent bulls for us every year. It was about a 150 yard poke and Jesse busted the bulls neck in one shot with his 30-06. Small bull but its a bull (2x3) or a spike with double eyeguards on one side and a single on the other. Forest security was nice enough to open the gate for us so we could drive back and load him in the truck.

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WA. Rifle Elk Success

Good Job Thumbs up
That was nice of them to let you drive in to pick it up too.

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WA. Rifle Elk Success

Great eatin' size. Good luck on your hunt.

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