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Vortex Scopes - You will be pleasantly surprised!

I recently won a Vortex Diamondback 1.75-5x32mm riflescope in Camera Land, Inc.'s monthly giveaway, and thought I would give a short review on it.

First off, Vortex, I assume, is a fairly new and virtually little known optics manufacturer here in the USA. They are trying hard to compete with the "big guys" by offering a quality product with an amazing warranty.
Right away, I was very impressed by the clarity and brightness of the optics. They seemed to be every bit the equal to say a Nikon or a Leupold scope. The scope is also very compact and lightweight. Perfect for my .22 mag. The zoom moved easily and smoothly. I had no problems sighting it in, and have since used it frequently without losing its zero. It seems to be very durable.
Overall, I would rank it above a Bushnell or Tasco, and place it among the Leupold and Nikon scopes. I would even dare to say that it is brighter and clearer than the Leupold Vari X II's and III's, as I have compared it with them. Vortex claims 91% light transmission in the diamondback series which in a $160.00 scope is pretty darn good.
Additionally, the Diamondback series is the budget-priced, lower quality series of scopes offered by Vortex. I would love to try out the Viper series which boasts a 30mm tube and claims 95% light transmission.
Don't be afraid to take a chance on a Vortex scope. You are buying a quality item at a very reasonable price. I would also dare to say that you will not find a better warranty, either. Feel free to ask me questions about the scope as I realize this review may not have been as detailed as some of you may like.

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I have used a couple pairs of their binoculars and they are a great product at a good price I can only imagine that there scopes are equally as good.