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Virginia Working Towards Sunday Hunting

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Virginia Working Towards Sunday Hunting

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Virginia Working Towards Sunday Hunting

I'm all for Sunday Hunting in VA. I have lived in many other states in which Sunday hunting is no big deal. While I work M-F and often on Saturday and even Sunday. I'm not about to change professions just for the better opportunity for time off. My oldest is at the age that she can now come along with me. With only 1 day a week I can usually count on to hunt I often have to pass that up for family functions. With the addition of Sunday hunting, the opportunity to have my kids along and the ability to introduce them into the recreation and passion we all love is increased.

The vast majority of those opposed to Sunday hunting state that Sunday is a day of rest for hunters and for game. Its a day to be in church and with family. Not to mention its a been on the books this long why change it.

The money generated by the increase in out of state license sales and residents alike traveling to other parts of the state to take advantage of the extended hunting time.

Below is a link to a petition supporting Sunday hunting in VA.


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Virginia Working Towards Sunday Hunting

That would be great for hunters in VA. Being from the North, I have always been able to hunt on Sunday with no problem. Hope if goes through. Thumbs up

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Virginia Working Towards Sunday Hunting

I am against sunday hunting in Va.the main reason is that here in the part of Va that i reside in alot of people have that day off an most are spending time with their families walking , camping .an jogging through the National forest an the state forest.it just worries me that someone may get injured or even killed by a reckless hunter in the woods.I love to hunt just as much as the next but sundays are meant for church an families.

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Virginia Working Towards Sunday Hunting

I've been hunting in Va. for better than 40 Years and have longed for Sunday hunting.Folks that work 5 days a week will appreciate a second day to hunt and others like me would appreciate an additional day to hunt !

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Re: Virginia Working Towards Sunday Hunting

I hope they dont allow dogs on Sundays, that will just be annoying with all of those dogs running around. Id be somewhat for it if still hunting only was allowed or something like that. Id like to know the rules before I vote for it.

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hunting on sunday

Hell yes. Lets hunt on Sunday. I grew up in Colorado where hunting is allowed 7 days a week during the season and I can't think of one idea where it hurt anyone. The only argument that anyone brought up was about people walking, hiking and spending time with their families out side on Sunday. Well first off, the hunting season starts in October and goes through December. That means it gets COLD outside. I don't know about you but I don't like to take my family outside for "walks" when it is very cold. Second it is only 3 months out of the year. You have 9 months out of the year to go on your walks, or hiking. How about sharing the rest of the year? I say yes defiantly. Let us hunt on Sunday. Thumbs up

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Virginia Working Towards Sunday Hunting

Bullbuster thanks for the website. I signed it & sent it to others. Thumbs up
I have lived here (VA) all my life. Until about 3 or 4 years ago, I didn't even know that others could hunt on Sunday. We never could. We eat on Sunday Right? End of story.

My kids would have enough time to go w/ me then. One day on each weekend makes it tough to hunt--it always is a scarafice--family time or hunting...

Then if you take a vaction during hunting season, which I did this year, you still are limited...

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Virginia Working Towards Sunday Hunting

sunday hunting would be great....and it would pose no more of a threat than any other day once it was made known

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