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Veto urged for MI hunting bill

Here's a link to an article that states that their is scientific argument about if the MI moose herd can sustain a hunt. Not sure if this is about the herd specifically or more about stopping hunting in general.


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All the bill does is allow

All the bill does is allow for a panel to study the issue and then decide if the habitat is supporting a large enough herd to even have a hunt.  After that decison is made it would then go to the Natural Resources Commission and the DNRE that they oversee to make the final decision to set up a hunt for a very limited number of animals or not.  It looks to me more like these "scientists" are more anti hunting than anything else in their stance.  I live in the southern part of MI hundreds of miles from the UP and moose area, but I think it should be studied as to the feasibility of a hunt.  That's all the bill would do!

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This is usually how it

This is usually how it happens, with the antis.  They will try any and all options at stopping hunts.

This is also a common first step.  They will try to say that there have not been enough or the proper kinds of studies of the impact on the herd.  It was tried witht he New Jersey hunt, and succeeded at first. 

Then, after a couple of years waiting for the report, it will most likely find that they can support a hunt.  Then, the antis will file another suit based on some different blocking maneuver.  It will be never ending.

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