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Versus Whitetail Challenge Dec 19th

Checkout the Versus whitetail Challenge on Dec 19th at 10pm est on the Versus Channel. Illinois Xtreme Whitetails was the host for the show. I think you will like what you see.


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Versus Whitetail Challenge Dec 19th

I watched that last night. Looked like a great place.

Just curious, were you there for the filming???? Saw alot of people standing in the background........

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Versus Whitetail Challenge Dec 19th

I was actually there!!! Had a blast. I was the guide for one of the professinal hunters ( Steve Stoltz). Everyone there was great. The pro hunters interacted with everyone and the TV crew did a great job. You never know how much goes into a show until you see in person. they filmed the show on Nov 21-23 and the show aired on Dec 19th.