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Vermont Guide Convicted

Always good to see them get caught.....



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I'm glad the Wardens were

I'm glad the Wardens were able to catch this guy. When I was reading the article and got to the part of a $200 fine and loss of hunting for 3 years I almost came un glued. But I read a bit further and it said no bears were killed due to the baiting that they knew of. I still think the penelty is a bit soft but I'm sure the judge did what he thaught was the best coarse of action. I don't understand why people think they need to break the laws when it comes to hunting. I look at themas a challenge. If i can't bait well then it's going to make it a bit more challenging to shoot my bear but it will be that much more rewarding when I do shoot it. I'm really getting tired of reading stories of criminals and poachers out there breaking laws, but I'm glad they are getting caught. Good job to the tipster who reported the guy and to the game wardens who put the sting on him and finally arrested him.

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Seems like a pretty light

Seems like a pretty light fine but at least they caught him and stopped him. Not sure why you would want to risk your job like this but I guess greed is a hard thing to figure. Good job to the Vermont wildlife folks.