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Vermont Deer Meetings in March

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Vermont Deer Meetings in March

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Re: Vermont Deer Meetings in March

With the Antler restriction experiment being over. The fish and game with Wayne Laroche in charge is trying to make our state into a trophy deer hunting only area. He wants to make it three points on one side threw the whole state. That will be the end to many people tracking bucks as it is nearly impossible to count points on a running deer. This will change the way Vermonters have hunted for generations. Think about he kids trying to havest a deer and the presure of not shooting anything for three or four years or even ten years like most adults because they don't have a trophy buck walk up to them. That is the end of there hunting in Vermont. Many would rather play Xbox or just stay home then spend countless hours in the woods for nothing. I know its not all about killing but shooting a deer is what its all about and thats when the real fun comes in weather your shooting a doe, a spike or a ten pointer.
Unless everyone want wants to be a trophy hunter you better voice your opinoions to the vermont fish and game and the Vermont deer board.
On the Hunters and anglers and trappers website is a messsage board where a few Vermont game board members frequent and you can voice your oppinions there.

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Re: Vermont Deer Meetings in March

There were some Moose and Turkey meetings recently, too.

Vermont hunters are hopefully sitting up and taking note.


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