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Vermont Antlerless Deer Applications Available Now

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Vermont Antlerless Deer Applications Available Now

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Vermont Antlerless Deer Applications Available Now

i have hunted vermont during their black powder season twice. the first year was great they only gave out 500 doe permits where i was, then last year they gave out 2,000 the amount of posted land and so many hunters made me decide i will never go back. i am not sure of what they are trying to achieve i have the upmost respect for bioligist but that seems like alot of permits to fill. to top it of they have rats for spikes so it is hard to tell if they are real small spikes or does had to let two pass last year because i was not sure as i hunt with open sights. the reason i am nervous of that is because 3 years ago i went to their first bow season in october i shot a deer that i looked at through binos and never saw any bone shot the deer at 22 yards walked over and it had a broken spike yet a 2 5/8 spike on the other side which is considered antlerless, got lucky. this i my main reason i dont believe in AR but everyone likes trophy hunting today instead of enjoying the time spent with family and friends but thats a topic for a different time.

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Vermont Antlerless Deer Applications Available Now

I live in WMU J2 and we are overrun with the dang things. I can't go two days without seeing at least 6 doe and three weeks ago I nailed one at 65 mph on interstate 91. Luckily, only the doe was hurt (splattered) but it caused over $3,000 worth of damage to my rig! This winter their yards were pretty near browsed out and I expect that if we don't lower the population, we will see a big crash in the herd in a couple of years from starvation and disease. As for the posted land here in Vermont, I can't speak to that. My land is not posted, but I expect any hunters to knock on my door and ask my permission anyway. Its just the neighborly thing to do, and I want to know if someone is there if I decide to go out and shoot or do some hunting myself.

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