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Great pics Hillside!!

Great pics Hillside!!

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It's cool seeing the

It's cool seeing the progression. Thanks for sharing.

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Have any luck, Hillside?

Have any luck, Hillside? Where's the pic of your holding the deer by his antlers?

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Any luck

My season opens on Oct. 2nd so I still have a few weeks to practice my waiting.

I have been spending as many hours as I can scouting over that past month.

Prior years I noticed a pattern of frequent buck sightings in the summer and come September, NOTHING... I always assumed that the bucks went nocturnal, so this year I deployed the trail cam to figure out 'when' they were moving. All summer I have photographed several bucks each week, but once September hit, I have not seen a single one. So I took a few days off this week to scout far beyond my normal grounds. We had some good hard rain this week and I hoped to find some fresh sign, but no such luck. It's kinda strange, my best guess is there must be another food source that draws them away for a while. They always seem to show back up by mid October.

I recently read a biologists report that claims that blacktails that reside at 1500' elevation and below do not generally migrate. I hunt right at 1500' and the food supply is plentiful. Confused

But after all, these are blacktail and they seem to make up their own rules.

Bring on October!


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I like how they ended up.....

I like how they ended up..... Nice pics.

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