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Valentine's Day Makeover for an ugly girl

So a couple weeks back, a few guys on here mentioned how easy it was to do a camo paint job on a gun. Since I have been wanted to try DuraCoat or CeraKote, I first needed to experiment with camo patterns, just to see if I could do a semi-pro job before I bothered purchasing the necessary equipment and expensive coatings.
I've always preferred the look of wood, but have managed to acquire a few all black guns that I use pretty heavily.
Anyway, this .270 WSM Winchester M70 Super Shadow started off pretty homely looking, then lost a several fights with the ugly stick. So she was happy to volunteer herself for my first attempt at plastic surgery.
I degreased the gun, rubbed out the rust spots with 120 grit paper, then roughed up the shiny rings with it, and roughed the barrel a little also. Plugged a few hole, taped up the glass, and out came the Rustoleum Camo paints a Hobby Lobby stencil, a spruce twig and a little bit of dried grass, and away I went.


Basic stencils:

First coat:

"Spruced up":

A little brown "chain link" experiment:

Plus some grass:

And a quick profile while she recovers from surgery:

Then the bandages removed, and voila! New gun. She's still ugly, but way cooler.

Piece of cake, guess I will try my hand with some real DuraCoat or CeraKote next.

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Valentine's Day Makeover for an ugly girl

Congrats, looking good especially for a first attempt. Thumbs up

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Valentine's Day Makeover for an ugly girl

To plug the barrel use a foam ear plug. They work great. The Natural foilage your using looks great. Not much on the chain link.

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Valentine's Day Makeover for an ugly girl

That came out really great! Thumbs up Thumbs up Thumbs up

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