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Utah's 2014 Big Game Application Book

Just a heads up for those of you that are interested in or put in for hunts in Utah, their Big Game Application book in now on line.  There have been a couple of new things put into the mix starting next year.  One of them is the mentoring program for youth.  In a nutshell if you draw a tag be in a general season, limited entry, or once in a lifetime tag you can assign it to a youth hunter to fill it for you.  The rules for it are on page 21 of the guide book.

Another big one that a lot of hunters pushed for is that you can now use a scope greater than 1x on a muzzle loader only during the general rifle hunt.  The way that the old law was you could only use the 1x scope during all seasons where you could use the muzzle loader.  Also crossbows are now leagal dring the general any weapon hunt that along with a draw lock on your compound or recurve bow during the any weapon hunt. 

Those and a couple more hunts that are only open to residents such as a new bison hunt and a central mountains bighorn sheep hunt starting in 2014. 

http://wildlife.utah.gov/hunting-in-utah/hunting-information/big-game.html">Here is the link to the 2014 Application Book

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Time to start looking things

Time to start looking things over, no immediate plans for Utah though.

I have points for several species just not sure what I want or how long I want to wait. No hurry though with lots over other plans in other places.