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Utah Youth Hunter Big Game Proposal

I would like to address a Utah Legislation change and need some people of influence in the political system to look over the following. In speaking with many hunters in the Central Utah area there is an overwhelming support for this legislation change.

The Arizona Game and Fish Division allow the holder of a limited entry big game tag to transfer the tag to their minor child between the ages of 10-17.
The Arizona legislation is below:

R12-4-121. Big Game Permit or Tag Transfer

A. A parent or guardian to whom a big game hunt permit-tag is issued may transfer the unused permit or tag to the parent's or guardian's minor child, if:

1. The minor child is from 10 to 17 years old on the date of transfer,

2. The minor child has a valid hunting license on the date of transfer, and

3. A minor child less than 14 years old satisfactorily completes a Department-approved hunter education course by the beginning date of the hunt.

B. A parent or guardian may obtain a transfer, in person, at any Department office. To obtain a transfer, a parent or guardian shall provide the following:

1. Proof of ownership of the big game permit or tag to be transferred;

2. The minor's valid hunting license; and

3. The unused big game permit or tag.

C. An individual to whom a hunt permit-tag is issued or the individual's legal representative may donate the unused tag to a non-profit organization if:

1. The organization is exempt from federal taxation under Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code;

2. The organization provides opportunities and experiences to children with life-threatening medical conditions; and

3. The individual or legal representative that donates the tag provides the organization with some type of statement that indicates that the tag is voluntarily donated to that organization.

D. A non-profit organization that receives a hunt permit-tag under subsection (C) may obtain a transfer by contacting any Department office. To obtain a transfer, an organization shall:

1. Provide proof of donation of the big game permit-tag to be transferred;

2. Provide the unused big game permit or tag;

3. Provide proof of the minor child's valid hunting license; and

4. Transfer the tag to a minor child who meets the following criteria:

a. Has a life-threatening medical condition;

b. Is 10 to 17 years old by the date of the transfer;

c. Has a valid hunting license; and

d. If is less than 14 years old, satisfactorily completes a Department-approved hunter education course before the beginning date of the hunt.

E. The Department shall issue a transfer permit or tag in the name of the minor child if it is lawfully submitted according to this Section

Utah Proposal:
In accordance with Utah Law and the DNR we would need the ages to be between 12-17 years of age for General Season Big Game, Antlerless Big Game, Black Bear and Cougar.

In accordance with Utah Law and the Utah DNR we would need the ages to be between 14-17 for Limited Entry Big Game and Once In A Lifetime Big Game.

Public Action:
I believe in helping our youth create a love for hunting and the outdoors. I would ask any Utah resident hunters in support of this type of a legislation change to contact your local Utah DNR offices, Utah DNR Regional Supervisors, Utah Wildlife Board Members, Local State Representatives, Local County and District Attorneys, Utah DNR RAC Representatives and anybody I have missed that could help pass this bill.

You can copy paste the above information into emails or letters to make it easier to convey to your local representatives. I think if the support is strong enough I would hope the change could be put into effect by the 2012 hunting season.

Please Post below if you would be in support of this change.

Thank you for your consideration.
Shane Scott
Sevier County, Utah

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