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Utah results officially out

Well after much anticipation and checking my credit card daily I have the official word that my dad and I were both totally skunked in Utah again this year.

Good thing they have great fishing so we will be able to put our combo licenses to good use.

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Well my son and I also was

Well my son and I also was told by an email to hang a Utah skunk flag over our selves.

No tags but thanks for the $230 donation. 

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Well I didn't draw either for

Well I didn't draw either for a Utah tag, but my Dad did. Lucky devil. He drew the Meadowville Cache Ealry Rifle. I put him in for this unit because of the high success rates Eastmans posted. The only thing I falied to look at was the lack of public access. Anybody got any suggestions for two out of staters from Texas for land access? Are the ranchers and landowners in this area very likely to allow stangers to hunt? I will be guiding for my dad and I'm hoping there might be a cow elk tag I might be able to get. Any advice would be great.



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I also just managed to get

I also just managed to get bonus points except for my Southern deer tag, but after seeing the tag reductions that they had across the board I didn't expect too much but I was hoping. 

Now if I could just find that soup recipes for bonus point soup I would have it made.

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