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Utah Prohibits Shed Antler Collection Until May 1

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Utah Prohibits Shed Antler Collection Until May 1

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Utah Prohibits Shed Antler Collection Until May 1

There were a couple of reasons given for this but one was shed hunters were chasing wildlife, an undertone suggested they were using ATV's or vehicles to do this, to get thier antlers to fall off!!! That blows me away, a few idiots ruining it for the rest of us. All that will happen is those who ignore the law will get sheds "out of season" and those of use to who obey the law will get a lesser opportunity to find sheds because many are gone already.

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Utah Prohibits Shed Antler Collection Until May 1

I agree. Idaho already has laws like this in some units and you try to find sheds in there in May. I know people who find them and stash them in a "collection site" and pack them out in May. I do not know anyone however who chases deer to get their antlers to fall off and If I did I would report it. Unfriekingbelievable. How disgusting is that.
I do believe people should be wary of deer in the spring and do their best not to disturb them, but laws like this worry me. If it's good for some why don't they just kick everybody of the hills during spring. Could be a bad precedent. Just enforce the roadless laws already on the books and make sure its illegal to harrass deer in the spring. Enforcement rather than legislation.

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