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Utah Oquirrh-Stansbury Mountain unit Cow elk

My hunting partner and I just found out we drew the Oquirrh Stansbury unit in Utah just west of Salt lake City Utah.  Wanted to see if anybody had information on where we could start to scout come october for Cow elk.  Don't know much about the unit but would appreciate any information or heads up about the unit!  Thanks!  



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Is your hunt in October or

Is your hunt in October or November/December?  The last time that I hunted that area there were no elk to be found on that mountain range but from what I hear it is one of the highest success rated units in the state now on the bull hunt.  I suspect that you should be able to find elk just by doing a lot of glassing when you are out scouting and shouldn't have any problem finding them.  If it is a later hunt the elk may be a lot lower on the mountain and a lot easier to find. 

Another forum you could join would be one that is mostly dedicated to hunting and fishing in Utah. \


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it's the late season hunt

it's the late season hunt from nov 21st through dec 31st.  My partner talked with a State biologist and he said to concentrate our efforts between Tooele and Stockton as the elk gather there in the winter.. Have you heard of any other areas in which they would congregate for wintering feed.  I know weather plays a huge deal in any elk hunt but I am figuring that it the snow is on the ground the elk will move out of the high country and seek some lower shelter. What is the terrain like there is it a area in which a guy can glass relatively easy and cover some ground through the glass?  THanks for info so far.  

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Very nice!  Not familiar with

Very nice!  Not familiar with the Stansburry mountain area of Utah, but congrats on the draw for the cow elk tag!

It can't hurt having a friend that is a biologist.  Hopefully you guys will be able to score a cow for some good meat. 

Welcome tot he site.  Hopefully you will stick around and maybe have some success photos to post this fall!!!

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