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Utah Moose tag

Need some help drew a non resident tag for moose for Utah on the north slope summit unit 906. Tag arrived today, any advice will be appreciated.
Thanks Brian

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Re: Utah Moose tag

Can't offer any help way up there in Utah but I wish you the best on your hunt!!!

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Re: Utah Moose tag

Same here. Can't offer any advice, but congrats on the tag!!!! :\:D/

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Re: Utah Moose tag

a tag like that you should hire someone that knows the area for moose if you are looking in that direction let me know

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Re: Utah Moose tag

Can't offer any help way up there in Utah but I wish you the best on your hunt!!!

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Re: Utah Moose tag

If you don't go with a guide your best bet would be to hunt the back side of the Uinta Mountains coming in threw Evanston,Wy. I've hunted Elk up there a few times and ran into tons of Moose and some huge bulls.

Good luck with your hunt!

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Re: Utah Moose tag

I've talked with brian about this area. It's not a hard area to hunt. But it is wilderness.Most of it being remote. Your chances of seeing a big bull from a road is not good. Oh course it's possible, but not a high probability. You need to travel up the various drainages and look for moose. Most of the drainages have good trails that follow the rivers up the drainage. Prime areas to spot moose. You will almost always spot a few moose in each drainage. The trick is to look at enough bulls to find a nice trophy. This is where horses help. They allow you to cover more ground, to look at more animals. Of course packing a moose out on your back is serious work and pack horses make it much easier.

I ride horses in this area every August and September. We see plenty of moose and I'm confident that he can find a nice bull. I helped a good friends son harvest a moose last year in this area. I can tell him where to hunt. What he needs help with, is finding somebody that has horses to help him get into the various drainages and when successful help pack it out. Or a couple of able bodies to join him, lend some extra eyes, and help with the work. I drew a LE Elk tag and will be hunting in Central Utah during September or I'd help.

if you know a guide with a guide permit for this area let him know. If you horses and would like to spend later part of Sept on the North Slope, let him know.

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