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Utah Moose

New here to this sight. My wife has enough Utah moose points to draw this year. Looking for any ideas on what area to look at. Dont want to screw up her oil hunt. Any help would be great. Thanks

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Re: Utah Moose

Considering the Morgan-South Rich is about twice the population objective and tops in total population in the state, you might start looking there. Some of the CWMUs also have moose hunts, but you might want to study the Big Game Report.

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Re: Utah Moose

The north slope of the Unita's is a great place to consider. South slope is pretty good as well.

On the norther slope there are a lot of moose along the bear river. The south slope has the provo river. Both slopes have lots of big drainages as well that are very marshy. There are just a bunch of moose in the Uinta's and where I would go if I had the points to draw. If you choose either of these areas I'd be happy to give you some specifics.

Good luck! I'm jealous.

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Re: Utah Moose

A friends son had a tag for the North Slope last fall. We hunted the Henry's Fork area. No problem finding moose.
In fact I was cussin the kid for shooting one 5 miles into the boondocks, when we had moose hanging around the camp ground.

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Re: Utah Moose

How does the Utah moose system work? I've heard that some outfitters have tags included in their rates, i.e. you pay for a moose hunt and the tag is included and you don't need to apply in any form of lottery. Is this the case and what kind of outfitters would have such tags?

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