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Utah, Governor's tag, new Boone and Crockett record.

Don't know if you guys have seen this yet, but I didn't see any threads on it.

I can't believe some of the things people are saying about this bull. Raw jealousy. Granted he paid a ton of money for a chance to hunt Utah, but there was no sure thing, it was still fair chase and other permit hunters had a chance at this bull, What do you guys think? Is there a problem with letting poeple pay a lot of money to hunt special tags? I can't believe there's even any controversy. I guess there will always be those who can't stand watching others succeed.

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Utah, Governor's tag, new Boone and Crockett record.

Best picture I've seen of the bull. Wacky rack....

Granted he would be able recoup a good portion of his hunt costs by selling the rack at a well publicized auction.

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Utah, Governor's tag, new Boone and Crockett record.

Reading that stuff made me laugh, people stretch the truth so much its not even funny, going from 100,000 to 155,000 to 1 guide to 20 guides. What is the real story does anyone know i would like know?

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Utah, Governor's tag, new Boone and Crockett record.

First off, lets get a couple of thing straight, the Gov Tag in Utah for that hunt cost approx $178, 000 (this really is irrelevant, but you seem to want to know). The "hunter" was allowed to use whatever weapon he wanted (he chose the high powered rifle) in a privative weapons hunt. The "hunt" was conducted by a large team of highly trained, well equipped "professional hunters" (the Mossback Team) and the "shooter, was called in for the "kill". Yes, I believe the hunt was "legal", but "ethical"... that's up to you to decide.
Now this is what I believe: Polls like the recent one on BillingsGazette.com overwhelmingly prove that most hunters think this type of hunt is "unethical". The respondents are not the PETA, Anti hunter guys, they are hunters. Most "hunters" do disagree with the concept of team guiding. The use of large teams of highly trained and organized "guides" in the pursuit of a single animal needs to be some how regulated before this concept of hunting is slammed back in our face as the norm by the anti's. The Spider Bull story is just an example that gets a lot of play because of the nature of the animal taken but it won't be long before other examples are identified, and exposed by the anti's as a "see, we told you so". If for this reason only, throwing the ethics argument out, we must some how convince other hunters that this is a practice that will become a huge arrow in the quiver used to end our sport as we know it today.
Since it is clear that the guides use only "legal" as their guidelines then it is time we regulate them and clearly define what methods are "legal" and which are not. Better men than me must decide the wording but a good place to start would be to ask other "hunters", and, oh, guess what, the hunters have spoken over and over... large teams of "professional hunters" zeroing in on one animal is simply not right and should be "illegal"!

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Utah, Governor's tag, new Boone and Crockett record.

My fear is that this type of hunting is another path towards hunting becoming a hobby for the ultra wealthy, relegated to high dollar tags and excluding the common man. I also agree that using a 'team' to do all the work and you get 'called in' for the shot isn't my idea of hunting.

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Utah, Governor's tag, new Boone and Crockett record.

No I am not jelous.....just sad and a bit angry. This circus just shows that we as hunters are on a race to the bottom, as far as what passes for hunting these days.
I am pretty sure that Boone and Crocket pretty much had to hold their nose on this one..................a type of hunt pretty much standard for SCI listing these days. They simply could find no way out as everything was "legal"
My hat is off to the former champ who lived in obscurity on public land surrounded by 2 legged hunters, wolves and grizzly bears but ended his days by accidental drowning. A true elk survivor.
Now that these big elk states have bumped off all the preditors they can grow and sell world records just like any fenced ranch.
Congrats to the hunter.........I hope he lives long enough to see the end of hunting, he's moved us considerably closer to that day.
Keep it fair chase

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Utah, Governor's tag, new Boone and Crockett record.

you guys should come to utah and try hunting the same unit as these guys they dont care who they screwup or whos way they get in as far as they are concerned theyre hunter paid for this expensive tag and he has more rights than anybody on the mountain and yes most of the things you hear about the team hunting here in utah are true nobody is jealous just mad anybody can hire a army of good hunters buy the best of the best equipment hunt em when theyre screaming theyre guts out and kill elk. thats not hunting on the shooters part that is cold blooded murder anybody that has to carry a tape measure around to see how much fun they are having probably shouldnt be hunting . but thats just my 2 cents

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Utah, Governor's tag, new Boone and Crockett record.

Not fair chase at all. Sorry Doyle, you stopped being a real guide /hunter along time ago. I guess I shouldn't feel too guilty about my first guided hunt this year, just me and 1guide. Isn't GANG activity on Federal land illegal? GREAT ELK,not a hunt. I don't care what BC says.

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