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Utah DWR Considers Changes to Black Bear Hunts

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Utah DWR Considers Changes to Black Bear Hunts

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Utah DWR Considers Changes to Black Bear Hunts

because this is my most favorite animal to hunt i have to way inn just a little, its about time the dow does something with the hound's. when i had my tag few years ago i had guys running dogs off my bait and it got old and lucky me i did kill a pope and young bear, with my bow i had baited for 3 weeks and it was the funnest but hardest iv hunted just having to go check the bait every day and not seen anything hit it, i did want to give up but i new i had to keep going. i moved my bait up 400yd in the pine's and the very next day it was hit this bear ate 60 donuts and when i saw them gone i was pumped so i ran back down town got 60 more donuts and called a buddy to sit the bait with me and just befor dark here he came, he wondered down the trail and walked right in front of us so close i could have touched it with my arrow it stood up on his back legs and stuck his nose in the air and new something was wrong he took off up the trail and i thought dam, 15 min later here he comes down the trail again and he went straight for the bait. now when this bear started eating the donuts he would eat a whole one at a time i let him eat 10 and got in position and slam it was all over he ran 30yd and fell over did the good old death ball. he scored 207/8 and was 375 not to bad for a spring hunt! since then i have taken guys out and baited for it i have seen hounds man fist fighting guys sitting on the bait and over tree cams that are in the hounds man area it was truly 3rd grade material. however i have started to run hounds with a good buddy cause i want to see one in a tree so bad my a@$ hurts, there is nothing like the sound of 10 hounds going off on a bear or a lion i could listen to that all day long if i could so i feel for both bait hunters and houndsman. I am glade they dow is trying to fix the issue's that are going on between them. This is another issue i have with dow they the goverment trappers kill 50 to 70 bears a year on the wasatch area and only give 8 spring tags and 10 fall total of 18 to 20 that does not add up why are they not giving more tags and letting the hunt go longer. after doing my homework on this i feel the goverment trappers are one step above the dow they get so much money for a dead bear or lion from state and if it is killed on priv land there's more money in it for them. if the dow gives out to many tags the trappers will not have a job. they could make the bear hunt over the counter and spot and stalk and could keep the bear managed that way. We have had a lot of bear problems the past few years and still 16 tags for nebo and 20 for wasatch?????

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Utah DWR Considers Changes to Black Bear Hunts

If you ask me the solution here is a bit more simple than they are trying to make it. I think the problem can be easily calmed down by simply shortening the pursuit seasons. Heck there is approximately 100 days of pursuit/training. By shortening those seasons there would be less recreationalists/dog conflicts. Of course I don't see why you need 20 dogs pursuing one bear, 8 otta do it.

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Utah DWR Considers Changes to Black Bear Hunts

On big problem that I have seen is letting them run bears when another hunt is going on in the same area. I had a limited entry elk tag for the Book Cliffs a few years ago and they were running bears all over me. It really didn't cause me any problems since I had already shot my elk but for others it did. I know that you can't make everyone happy but the DOW needs to look at what is going on in these areas. I do know that I would not of been a happy camper to have a pack of dogs running a bear through the same canyon that I had set up in during an elk season.

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