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Thanks Critter

I will put in for the early rifle hunt.  Hard to believe they have a rifle hunt in late September. 

What would be a unit for the 2nd choice for elk.  I can't make the Nov dates for the late season. 

I will go with either goats and moose.  Any suggestions? 

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I wouldn't worry about a

I wouldn't worry about a second choice for either since all the tags will go in the first round of draws. 

As for a goat permit I would go with the Wasatch/Timpanogos tag since I have connections to get me up close and personal there.  But I would recommend the Beaver unit and it wouldn't matter weather you wanted to hunt the early or late hunt. 

As for moose one of the best units in the state is Cache unit. 

When I had my LE permit for elk in the Book Cliffs the hunt started on Sept. 15, 2001.  It was interesting being there in short sleave weather.  Also a lot of hunters didn't go out due to what happened on 9/11 and I didn't see another hunter until I was on my way out the afternoon of the opening day with a 7x6 in the back of my truck. 

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Thanks agian

And congrats on that 7x6. 

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