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Utah Deer preference point?

does utah offer the purchase of preference points on deer?

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and you just missed the deadline. March 10th if you weren't also applying for a license.  Costs $65 for a hunting license plus $10 species.  So $85 for an elk and a deer point.

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Yes they do.  However, I

Yes they do.  However, I think buying a point counts as an "application".  And in Utah, you must first have a hunting license to apply, so you may have to actually buy a hunting license in order to buy the point.

Some other guys here can tell you better.  The last time I hunted there I actually got the tag I put in for on my first try, so I didn't need to worry about points.

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That's exactley right but the

That's exactley right but the nice thing with Utah is like Ex said the points are all only 10 dollars. So even with the cost of the license you can still come out cheaper than say Wyoming where the points start at 30 dollars and go up from there.

And the other great thing about Utah is you can apply for the actual license without having to provide the full fee up front and only get charged if you actually draw.

I had no intention a couple of years ago to apply for anything other than antelope but with the system the way it is I apply for at least a point or a license for almost everything they let me.

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there are some guys here that

there are some guys here that have a wealth of information on hunting utah. i think it's going to be my new "go to" state. i used to hunt wyoming every year, but the game numbers are no where near what they used to be. a combination of draught, bad winters and wolves have left what used to be great places completely barren of game.


i hear utah's SE zone is pretty good. that's where i'll head after i draw.

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Like Ex said your to late for

Like Ex said your to late for Utah.

You can get started building points for NV, There dead line is April 18th

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Preference points

Big smile The other nice thing with Utah is you only have to buy the license every other year if you play the dates right, at least if you are only applying for points. . It is good for 365 days

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The only way you are going to

The only way you are going to "go to" any of the better units in Utah is with a big bunch of PPs that will cost more in the long run than staying with Wyoming's better units.  Other than a few small spots, I would have to argue the statement about it being down on game, other than moosesuffering due to wolves.  Wolves are starting to knock the elk down now, but nothing like in Idaho or Montana.  Hopefully, the wolf situation will be worked out this year and all three states can get started wacking away at them this Fall/Winter.  I'm on the monstermuleys website that has a ton of Utah members and they are all so down on their state and it's improper big game management that it's ridiculous!  Oregon is definitely a state to stay away from with their high fees and low chances of drawing a tag, just in case anyone is thinking of going there.

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utah costs vs wyoming

the tag costs, with the preference points in utah are comparible to what i was paying in wyoming. i'd hunt wyoming mule deer units 36, 37, and 22. 22 still has some deer. but last year, i hunted 2 weeks and saw about 15 deer in 36. i used to be able to see 150 deer or more in that amount of time, just 3-4 years ago. i did see 3 wolves on 2 seperate occasions last year. so, really, i think the down numbers there are a combination of factors.

either way, i let my PP's go for unit 37. and i collected sheds from there that most guys would die to find. i used to have this favorite drainage in unit 37. i could go there and see a couple of record book bucks if i spent the time. but i'm not sure they'll be there anymore.


i'm going to start learning the SE area of utah. i think i'll be able to find just as good of bucks, have less access issues and hopefully, just a better time hunting there. i used to live in casper, but even though i was a local, and learned some good places, i don't think i'll be hunting there for a couple more years.

i had good luck finding some great antelope, around casper. but there's access problems to hit any large spots of BLM land.

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