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Utah Application Period is About to END

Here is just a reminder for those of you who are procrastinating on putting in for the Utah draws.  The application period is about to end 3/1 at 11:00 PM.  However if you only want to put in for a preference point for the general deer or a bonus point for the rest of the animals you have until 3/8.  Also remember that if you are a nonresident you can put in for all species but can only draw one tag.  So if you put in for a LE deer, LE elk, bison, antelope, moose, rocky mountain goat, and a sheep tag and draw a LE deer tag you will get bonus points for all the rest of the animals. 

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Thanks agian Critter

I put in this morning for LE Deer in the Henry mountians and LE elk in the San Juan.  I also went ahead and put in for Goat, Ram and Moose.  OH yeah bonus points for bison. 

For each species I kept thinking its only $10 more, so I figured I'd try my luck (1/1000 for most of these hunts), but in all probablity I will just start accumulating points. 

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