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USSA Asks Rush to Break Ties With HSUS

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USSA Asks Rush to Break Ties With HSUS

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USSA Asks Rush to Break Ties With HSUS

Perhaps one of you moderators could move Stephens question on to a new post all it's own, I'd love to give him some suggestions but dont' want to clutter this thread.

To tell the truth I'd no idea the Humane Society was anti hunting. I don't know if I could go so far as to call in to ElRushbo's show but I'll definately send an email. I remember during one of Rush's rants of pork spending he read off the appropriation to study CWD and said, "what the heck, I don't even know what Chronic Wasting is". Somehow I don't think Rush is a hunter.

I take attempts to limit access and eliminate the hunting of some or all animals a lot more seriously than I do laws against scary looking guns.

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USSA Asks Rush to Break Ties With HSUS

Here is what I wrote to Rush.

Dear Rush,

I have been an avid fan of yours for many years. Generally our views coincide with one another, but we differ today in our view of the HSUS. The HSUS, under the guise of animal welfare, is an organization committed to stopping all hunting.

Hunting goes hand in hand with our American heritage and our conservative values. I must stand firmly opposed to any group or organization that is devoted to the destruction of hunting as this privilege and tradition symbolizes my conservative beliefs and support for this country. I believe that the liberals also see hunting as a symbol of conservative values and that is why they so vehemently attack it.

Please reconsider your support for the HSUS.

Thank you.

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USSA Asks Rush to Break Ties With HSUS

The Humane scociety is huge anti hunting . They have been trying to close the seal hunt off of the East coast of Canada for years. They have even gotten some resterants to ban any seafood imported to the U.S.A. from Canada.

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