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Using the Zumbo effect

J. Zumbo did us some dirt to be sure but I wonder if he didn't also do us a left-handed favor. Before his comments came to light I think most of us were happy to come to these forums and talk about our sport. We all knew that there are forces against us but really didn't know what power we had. Then along comes Mr. Z's unfortunate comments and WHAM! Down comes the wrath of god.

It was something I knew but had to be reminded of - that each of us acting alone can have a huge effect on the world around us. We just have to get off our butts and act. No one had to march in the streets or paint a single sign. It was all done in a single weekend via e-mail from the comfort of home.

Most politicians just want to keep their cushy jobs. They vote anti-gun to make them look "tough on crime." They know as well as we do that taking guns away from law-abiding citizens doesn't curb crime, quite the contrary, but it's cheap and easy and gun owners don't vote anyway. They know that even bad laws can make them look good. We simply need to make it clear that we'll take their cushy jobs away if they vote against us.

Take a moment once a month and let your elected reps know that being anti-firearm may be detrimental to job security. It's easy.

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