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Using a decoy.

I've heard several people talk about bowhunting antelope w/ a decoy and they talk like it's the coolest thing they've ever done. The only antelope I've ever shot was with a bow and from a blind set up by a water hole. Last week I had conversation with a kid that told me in detail all about a buck he shot last fall using a decoy and it did sound like a lot of fun. So, I think I'm gonna try it next season. I'm the sort that likes to prepare ahead, so I'm asking for anybody with experience at this tactic to pass on any advice you might have about set up, strategy, calling, practicing, pitfalls to avoid, or if you just want to share a story with the rest of us.

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Using a decoy.

its fun... but a lot of work.
things id bring with me before i even thought about bringing my bow is...
knee pads and leather gloves are a MUST. for decoying antelope. and be ready at all times because the buck could charge at any second or he could run away... really it aint good odds at him charging you... but it happens.
when we did it it seemed best to let the buck know you were there and just wait for a bit and then slowing crawl at him. you can tel hes interested if he starts kicking the ground and hitting his antlers into the ground. if you have any other questions you can pm me or email me at joebobhunter4@msn.com

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Using a decoy.

That sounds awesome!!

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Using a decoy.

if its during the rut it should be awsome they charge in puff them selves up and turn broad side at 20-40 yards

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Using a decoy.

I haven't bowhunted in years now, but when I did antelope were a blast. As for tips.... If you spot them from the truck and are within a half mile, keep driving. Then hoof it a ways away and loop around to them. They're hard to decoy if they know a vehicle is in the area. When you buy a decoy, definatley get a flat/foldable one. My first one was a full-body Flambeau and though it worked OK, it was hard to carry and hard to manuever when you needed to move for a shot. Lastly, always paint the eye with a shiny clearcoat or glue a glass eye on it. That makes a big difference believe it or not.


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Using a decoy.
Lastly, always paint the eye with a shiny clearcoat or glue a glass eye on it. That makes a big difference believe it or not.

Great Idea! Thumbs up With their incredible eyesight I'm sure that would make a difference.

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Using a decoy.

One of my Montana outfitter friends has tried to get me to come back & try decoying. He said the same thing, it's a blast! He also told me once he had a hunter shoot right thru is decoy. He wasn't paying attention to the arrow just the site. He's still got that decoy to.

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