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Using calls for bears

Hi, im new to the forum here and had a few questions im posting. This one deals with the use of calls for bears. I have been bear hunting in montana about 4 times over the years (fall seasons) with no luck. I think my problem is my limited time there (about a week is all i can get off from work). I usually do spot and stalk, but this year id like to use calls. Would it be better to setup and call or spot and stalk then call when kinda close? My concern is since ive never used calls on bears (seen dvds though!) im hesitant that i would actually scare them off - assuming im doing it right. Anyone on here spot and stalk then call or just setup and call or is calling overrated and doesnt work. No baiting in montana by the way. frown thanks in advance, jonathan

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Using calls for bears

My experience is limited to only one, but what worked in New Mexico for my bear was calling. We set up in a good area where my uncle knew that there had been a bear staying in the area and waited about 1/2 hour then started calling with the predator call. After about 10 minutes he barked at us, but wouldn't come in so we still hunted up on the bench where he was, and he had stayed there. He now resides on the floor of my den.

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Using calls for bears

Calling is a very underrated tactic if you ask me. I have been calling bears for about 15 years and it can work quite well. More then half of my 16 bears have been from calling. Cow calls, fawn & rabbit all work very good. I cold call and call after spotting. I have also spooked them with calling so it can go either way depending on the bear.

Here is an article on calling black bears http://hunting-washington.com/calling-bears.htm

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